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Edwin Coe

  • Our Proabition Era Specialty Spirit that started it all– Orginal Recipe delveloped in 1928

    Proprietory Blend of Corn and Organic Sugar Cane

    Aged 6 to 24 months in new charmed, 3 year air dried American White Oak

    Tasting Notes: Little to no front end bite.  Slightly sweet, Oaky with Vanilla flavors.  It finishes very smooth.

  • Crafted from 100% Indiana Corn (Gluten Free)

    Filtered Twice with with activated coconut carbon

    Distilled on a 22 plate column

    Tasting Notes: No front or back bite, slightly buttery & sweet

  • Crafted with our own corn NGS

    Botanicals include: Juniper, Citra Hop, Orange Peel

    Botanicals are macerated for 48 hours prior to distillation


    Tasting Notes: Hints of lavender and hops with a strong citrus flavor

  • Crafted from 100% Organic Sugar Cane, imported from Brazil

    Distilled 6 times

    Filtered with activated Coconut Carbon

    Tasting Notes: It has a buttery mouth feel with flavors of Vanilla and Carmel

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Ice Kube

Ice Kube

  • Premium Ice Kube Vodka with its unique taste and lasting spirit, is produced in the South West region of France. The qualities of Ice Kube vodka stem from superior-quality whole wheat, grown in the West and South West areas, known as the breadbasket of France, and rigorous purification process used in its production. Sip Ice Kube straight or use this great tasting vodka in cocktails to enjoy your favorite drinks with a new, smooth and remarkable flavor. The super fine alcohol is produced through an exclusive five time distillation process. Ice Kube vodka is produced in small batches only, ensuring extraordinary quality of each bottle. 40% Vol.

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  • James Henry Bourbon Whiskey
  • James Henry Rye Whiskey

James Henry

  • A true Bourbon, majority corn with rye, barley & wheat blended for a full flavored Bourbon Whiskey. The mash is then cooked, fermented with special whiskey yeast, double distilled then aged in newly charred American white oak 30 gallon barrels for a minimum of 3 years. We use 30 gallon barrels allowing our Bourbon to age much quicker compared to the standard 53 gallon barrels. (3 years = 5-6 years)

    The product is then triple filtered, (<.2 micron), giving our Bourbon a very clear, almost polished appearance that removes any articulates. The results being a full- flavored, very smooth bourbon with hints of corn, oak, cinnamon, caramel and vanilla, all perfectly balanced.

    90 Proof

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  • Our Rye Whiskey consist mostly of rye with corn, wheat, barley malt added for additional flavors. We consider it a ‘Lite’ rye that incorporates those additional flavors from the other grains. We also use a unique strain of rye which we found in Germany at a grain mill that was founded in the mid 1800s.

    Rye Whiskey is normally a very strong, cinnamon flavored whiskey: however we have been able to tone down that strong bite by introducing these special grains in our mashbill. Our product is double distilled before being aged in newly charred American white oak barrels for 3+ years, then triple filtered.

    The results being a very smooth, almost unique tasting Rye Whiskey with hints of cinnamon, oak and other flavors. A taste to be savored!

    90 Proof

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Laird & Company

Tres Culturas
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Tres Culturas Tequila

  • Tres Culturas Tequila is Family Owned and made in small batches to ensure the highest quality in every bottle. The name means Three Cultures and it represents the three cultures of preparation including tending the fields, harvesting, and then finally crafting the tequila for consumption. All forms of production, including the plants and plantation fields, are managed in house and bottled in Mexico. As a final touch, each bottle is individually numbered and signed with our seal of approval. Made from 100% Blue Agave Tequilana Weber Plant to ensure only the most authentic tasting Tequila, we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed crafting it for you! Salud!

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  • Around-Town-7
  • Ugly dog gin
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  • MI-Cherry-Ugly-Dog
  • salted-caramel-ugly-dog

Ugly Dog

    • 90 proof.
    • Centuries-old recipe crafted from juniper berries, coriander, licorice root, bitter orange peel and numerous other botanicals.
    • Complex, yet balanced.
    • Ingredients are steeped in 190 proof spirits then slowly distilled.
    • Ideal for crafting full-flavor martinis, aromatic gin and tonics or just sipping slowly on the rocks.

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  • In the 1800s, a few bands of pirates called the Great Lakes home. This inspired us to set out on an adventure of our own—to craft a full-flavored, light Rum. Because sugar cane is not grown in Michigan, it is imported to the distillery from Florida

    • 80 proof.
    • Made from 100% sugar cane.
    • Complex, yet balanced.
    • Perfect for mixing with sodas and colas, creating classic Rum punches or fruity, frozen concoctions.

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  • Vodka

    • 80 proof.
    • Handcrafted in very small batches from Michigan Winter Wheat.
    • Triple-distilled and continuously taste-tested to ensure the highest quality possible.
    • Perfect for fireside sipping or crafting adventurous cocktails.
    • Winner of a Gold Medal at the 2012 Micro Distillers Liquor Awards.

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  • Bacon Flavored Vodka

    • 80 proof.
    • Perfect Bloody Mary companion.
    • Created in 2012, Ugly Dog was the first craft distillery to offer this delicious and savory, flavored Vodka.
    • One of our most popular spirits—extremely popular in bars and restaurants.

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  • Raspberry Flavored Vodka

    • 80 proof.
    • Unique flavor profile—crisp, floral and a hint of sweetness.
    • Perfect for martinis, punches, raspberry lemonades and new, fruity summer cocktails.

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  • Michigan Cherry Whiskey

    • 70 proof
    • Produced with aged American whiskey
    • Luscious natural cherry flavor
    • Ideal for crafting full-flavored craft cocktails or just sipping
      slowly on the rocks.

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  • Salted Caramel Whiskey

    • 70 Proof
    •  Produced with aged American whiskey
    • Luscious caramel flavor all-natural flavor
    • Ideal for crafting full-flavored craft cocktails or just sipping slowly on the rocks.

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  • It all began with Birmingham-area resident and business owner Chander Arora and his daughter Nina. Settling in for the evening, Chander was mixing some of his favorite cocktails. Around this time, Nina walked over to chat and catch up with her dad. Chander and Nina were discussing her upcoming schoolwork when she started paying attention to her dad’s cocktail concoctions. Being the creative type, Nina began brainstorming of other mixes for her dad. She and Chander spent hours discussing various blend combinations. Finally, they became intrigued with one blend combination – the boldest! “What about combining two of your favorite liquors, Dad? Vodka and Tequila?” Eureka!

    Her dad’s knowledge of both of these liquors and the popularity of these separately would make an interesting mix for sure! They didn’t just settle for enjoying this mix themselves. No. Chander and Nina realized that these two popular drinks, if distilled correctly, should be one smooth, bold blend that everyone could enjoy. And there you have it, Vodquila was born! This beverage is now available for purchase in select states. It’s time that you enjoyed the best of both drinks! So ask for Vodquila!

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