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Byler Lane Winery

Byler Lane Winery is a family owned winery tucked away in a beautiful country setting in Auburn, Indiana. We are driven by the saying “If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.” Let our dreams inspire you to live yours. Byler Lane Winery strives every day to produce a variety of quality wines in a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. You’re always welcome and can feel at home at Byler Lane Winery. 

Country Heritage Winery

“If the Fruit is Great, the Winemaking is Easy.”

For Country Heritage Winery, nestled in Laotto, Indiana, estate-grown crops has been its heritage and livelihood for over a century. That lifetime of experience shows in every bottle of Country Heritage wine.  Country Heritage Winery seeks out the best varietals of grapes that will thrive in their soil, and sources only the best fruit they can find for everything else. It is the Country Heritage commitment to bottle the highest-quality wine possible.

Try delicious whites, reds, róses, and fruit wines plus the popular Jug Series, Canned Wines and more – and don’t miss the delightful seasonal blends. Visit to learn more.

Country Heritage Wines

Country Heritage CAnned Wine series

Flavorful grapes are the defining factor in ensuring excellent wine and these new canned wines are flavor packed!  With just 11% ABV, Country Heritage’s new canned wines are the ideal beverages for anywhere, anytime. Available in Rose, White Sangria, Uncle Larry’s Red and Pink Lemonade Moscato.

Country Heritage JUG SERIES

Country Heritage Winery is producing these wines to memorialize Abe Martin, the 100- year-old fictional character who roams the streets of Nashville and surrounding Brown County IN.

Schnabeltier Winery

Schnabeltier is the German word for platypus. The schnabeltier is an amazing animal made up of many different parts to create a unique whole. The founders thought the name was fitting for the company, which is the only known facility to focus on beer, cheese and wine production under the same roof. The high-quality cheeses are crafted to pair exquisitely with the award-winning wines. Utilizing old world methods and locally sourced ingredients, delicious, fresh products are produced that are better together. 

Two EE's Winery

Great Wines Come From Great Grapes.

Two EE’s Winery, located in Huntington, Indiana, searches far for unique grapes that are unfamiliar to most wine drinkers—neglected varietals often bypassed for their more popular cousins. Their minimalist production technique highlights the true nature of these arcane grapes offering unique flavors not found anywhere else.

Offering a diverse portfolio of red, white, rose and fruit wines known for their distinctive and vibrant flavor blends, Two EE’s Winery crafts delicious wines for wine enthusiasts throughout Indiana and beyond. To learn more, visit