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Crafted Cordials

  • When you need a juicy citrus liqueur with a burst of bright color, Blue Curacao is the answer! Perfect for margaritas, shooters and more, the all-natural orange flavor of Blue Curacao makes it a favorite for both professional bartenders and home mixologists alike!

    30 Proof

    Our Favorite Recipe:

    1 oz  Vodka
    .5 oz  Sour Apple Liqueur
    .5 oz  Blue Curacao Liqueur

    Add ingredients to ice filled shaker, shake and strain into shot glass

Toro Limoncello

Another typical Italian liqueur that is traditionally also produced at home. Limoncello Toro is made as you would, trying to use the best alcohol, the best lemons and with a little less sugar.

From an accurate selection of Silician lemons, ten days of alcoholic peel maceration gives us a sweet liquor of an intense taste of lemon. Drink chilled.

700ml/27% ABV